Hey. I'm Aina.

A firm believer that it's never too soon or too impossible for you to make a living from your passion.


Your job is OK, but it's not your dream job.

I know it's not practical right now to give up your stable dayjob to freelance or build your own brand on something you love. It's risky (especially in this economy) and most people won't see it as "adulting".

But who says you can't do both?


"I want to start building my dream business / dream career NOW."

"I don't want to live only for the weekends."


Juggle between your dayjob and your passion.

Every night and every weekend, work a little bit towards your passion. Don't wait until you're old before you say "I'm gonna do this!". 5 or 10 years from this moment, you'll regret it if you don't just START.

Take action and start a blog.

People need to know about YOU before they start buying from you. Want to launch your own fashion line one day? Start a blog on fashion. Gain people's trust, look like an expert, and your brand / career will FLY.


On this blog, I talk about blogging & personal branding.

Your blog is the perfect place to start your own brand, even if you're not selling anything yet. Even if you're NOT a writer. And I have a couple of resources to help you with that:


"I want to start a blog! What tools do I need?"


"How do I write great blog posts instead of crappy ones?"


"I have NO IDEA what to write about!"


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