What do I write about? I have nothing to put in my blog posts!

Thinking about what to write is the most intimidating part of being a blogger. Day after day after day of writing -- how do seasoned bloggers have the time and mental capacity to come up with interesting topics without giving themselves nosebleeds?

The magic answer is that they repurpose their content.

This means that they look at the content they've already created (like Facebook posts, Snapchat videos, Tweets) and expand it or use it in a different angle. They don't brainstorm for fresh, new content all the time. 

So for that earlier question of What do I write about?, you can find the answer right in your Instagram feed. Let's look at how you can convert your Instagram posts into blog posts.


Step 1: Choose an Instagram post that you want to convert into a blog post.

The first step is to choose an Instagram post to convert. There are two types of posts that are naturally easier for you to do this:

  1. Posts where you felt like you wanted to write paragraphs and paragraphs in the captions, but decided not to. Maybe you didn't want to annoy your followers or you didn't want to seem too obnoxious. But you definitely have something more to say!
  2. Posts where you got more likes or comments than you usually do. It seemed like people were really interested in the content of those posts.

With these posts, you don't have to force yourself into thinking up the points -- they're already there.

Note: Don't bother blogging about things you're not interested in. You can't waste time and energy in a field or topic you have no plan to pursue in the first place.


Step 2: Elaborate on the details.

Here comes the good part --  elaborating on the details. A really good tip is to pretend that you're talking about the post with a friend. The flow of the post and your writing style will sound much more natural. Readers will feel like they're actually sitting there and chatting with you over frappes and lattes.

So what kind of details you should elaborate on?

If you're converting the first type of post (in Step 1), just blog about all that you wanted to say in the first place. If you're converting the second type, see if there are any questions that you can answer. If your friend asked about the shirt that you were wearing, blog about the shirt! It's that simple.

What about if there were no questions from anyone?

Make up your own questions. Pretend that it's your friend that's asking you those questions. I'm going to show you what I mean with this stock photo over here:


Possible questions that you may answer:

  • What's the name of this cafe?
  • What is the decor and ambiance like?
  • What food and drink did you order? 
  • Were they reasonably priced?
  • Where is the cafe located?
  • What did you wear? (If you're in the photo too)
  • Would you go there again?
  • Are there any other cafes like this?

There are so many angles that you can come from. The trick is to only choose a few so that you don't get overwhelmed. Remember, it's not an essay!


Step 3: Add more photos and links

If it's considered bad manners to Insta-spam all your vacation photos at one time, then throw your manners out the window. When you blog, you're supposed to include as many photos as necessary. It'll take the pressure off of the writing too. (You just have to write a few lines after each photo)

Another strategic thing to do when you're converting your Instagram post is to link any mention of a brand or business to their website or social media profiles. It's a great way to make them notice you if you're interested in collaborating with them in the future.


Step 4: Hit publish and promote your blog post!

After you've added some meat to your blog post, it's ready to be published! Now comes the important part: you have to promote your blog post.

If you don't promote it, nobody is going to read it. This isn't like the blogging scene in the early 2000s. During those days, your blog could get discovered through "blog-hopping". Nowadays, if you don't point readers to a link, they're not going to see the post.

So don't be shy! One good tip is to choose a different photo from the Instagram post you converted (but still on the same topic/thing) and use that to promote the blog post on Instagram. That way you'll still feel like you're posting something fresh.


Important tips when converting Instagram posts into blog posts

  1. You can convert old Instagram posts into blog posts. Blogging isn't about the most recent things you do. You can talk about the things you've done last year or last month -- no one is going to check the dates with a calendar.
  2. You don't have to write essays for the blog posts. People don't want to read essays anyway! As long as you can add a few more details, your blog posts are A-OK.
  3. Add useful bits of information for the benefit of your readers. The best blog posts are useful to their readers. For example, if you're blogging about a restaurant, be sure to include a link to the restaurant's website, highlight the prices or state the name of the dishes. Your readers will appreciate this.


And there ya go! Finding things to blog about is actually as easy as scrolling through your Instagram feed. And the more you blog, the more you'll be inspired. You'll start seeing blog topics everywhere. Hey, I can use that in a blog post! -- at a wedding. (At least that's what I do)

Which Instagram post will you be converting into a blog post?