You know what's the biggest myth of all?

It's that if you found something you love doing, you will always love it. There will always good days. You'll always be productive. You'll always feel happy.

It's a myth because the reality is obviously different. You have days when you feel like binge-watching Game of Thrones or reading your favourite novels or just hanging out with friends -- anything other than working on your business/passion. And you feel guilty about it.

I'm here to tell you that it's normal, but there are a few things you can do to bring back the excitement of working on your business/passion again. And they're all easy to do.


1. Watch home office videos of other entrepreneurs.

If you're like me, then having a home office is part of the appeal of being an entrepreneur. Having your own space to be creative makes you feel like a legit #ladyboss, even if you have only one employee. Which is yourself.

Picture this: Your own (huge) desk, beautiful furniture. Maybe your cat on your lap, keeping you company. Going out to a leisurely lunch. Being able to take breaks when you want to, without looking over your shoulders to see if your supervisor's watching. It's a beautiful picture. And maybe you need to see it again for that excitement to come back.

Here's my favourite home office/house tour by Rosanna Pansino from the highly successful Nerdy Nummies Youtube series.


2. Put on your best #ladyboss outfit and act like an entrepreneur at your favourite hangout.

Everytime I go to Starbucks or any other cafes, there's always one person with their laptop looking all focused and busy and cool. Even if they're actually working on a last-minute assignment instead of their business, they still look impressive. You can too.

So my suggestion does sound silly or shallow, but you know, you have to look the part to feel the part. There's nothing wrong with putting on an outfit that makes you feel confident, grabbing a notebook/your laptop and just brainstorming at your favourite hangout. 

(A super busy facial expression is strictly optional, but it does make the #ladyboss look more convincing)


3. Listen to podcasts about successful entrepreneurs.

When you're travelling to and from work, you may not be able to read -- but you can certainly listen! There are tons of podcasts that deal with entrepreneurship and they're all free.

Some of those podcasts invite successful entrepreneurs to talk about the strategies that helped them make a gajillion amount of money. So they're definitely more practical and you'll definitely end up with ideas for your own business and passion. 

I use the Podcast Republic app on my Android phone and listen to the Shopify Masters and the seanwes podcasts.


4. Defeat your worries.

Here's where it gets a little serious. When you're feeling like you want to delay working on your business and passion, there's always something that's standing in the way. What's frustrating you?

Go back to the last time you worked on your business or passion. Recall the source of your frustration. What didn't turn out right? What made me feel you like you're incompetent and go, "MEH."? Give it a name. Maybe it was "can't get lighting right". Now take that problem, and rephrase it into a question. "How to get good lighting indoors?" 

Voila! Now you have something to defeat. Research away and kick that problem in the tushy.


5. Accept the ups and downs of motivation.

Up and down, up and down. It's normal for motivation to ebb and flow. You may feel insanely productive one day and want to retreat into your woman-cave on the next. It's completely normal.

So enjoy your day off and do something unrelated. When you spend your day worrying and feeling guilty instead of accepting the ups and downs, it isn't a real break. You can't actually do work, but you can't stop thinking about it. It's not a good place to be.

But if you enjoy yourself, I guarantee that you'll be raring to work on your business and passion the next day. In this case, absence does make the heart grow fonder. 



Being demotivated is normal. Don't punish yourself for being normal. Instead, persuade yourself nicely to feel that excitement again. Do things that remind you why you work on your business or passion in the first place. When you can easily remember the reasons, it'll be so much easier for you to feel excited again. 

What do you like to do when you feel demotivated?