Are you always under construction?

Are you the kind of person who has:

  • Millions of draft blog posts
  • A gallery full of "not good enough" photos
  • A bunch of expensive tools bought but not used
  • A note app full of great ideas
  • Bookmarks and bookmarks of inspiration and research
  • An Instagram feed filled with people posting amazing work,

But you don't post anything?

Imagine going to a website, and instead of seeing that website, you get a page saying "Website under construction. Please visit us again later!".

Are you that kind of person? Are you always saying "later"? Are you always not ready for people to see your work?

I get it. You're a perfectionist. I'm a perfectionist too. But let's not congratulate ourselves for our high standards.

Don't be proud of your high standards if you don't complete anything.

If you wait for perfection, or correctness, or whatever it is that'll make you "ready" -- you will never complete anything.

And unless you complete something -- a blog post, a Youtube video, an Instagram post -- you have no brand.

If you do nothing, you don't have a brand.

If you don't have a brand, you won't make money.

If you can't make money with your brand, you'll be stuck in jobs or situations that you hate but can't escape from.

Hit publish before you're ready.

Post your work on social media even when you think it sucks.

Finalize your work even when there are things on it you can improve.

Swallow your fear of being wrong and fear of making mistakes and hit publish.

Every day will be a struggle. Sometimes you'll have good days and it's easy to hit publish. Sometimes you'll have bad days and you'd rather throw it all away. Hit publish anyway.

For some reason, my words aren't flowing well today. This newsletter was hard to write. But I hit publish. And now you're reading this newsletter in your inbox.

Now it's your turn.

Hit publish today and do better tomorrow.

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