If you want to do something your love for a living, your portfolio is your most important investment. Not your tools, not business cards. Your portfolio.

Your portfolio is proof that you can do the job right -- even if you learned the skills by yourself.

While having a portfolio is awesome enough, making it UNIQUELY YOURS is the path to insane success. You have to stand out.

Your portfolio has to have your own ‘flavour’ or personality. A flavourless portfolio will sound / look just like WikiHow. No offense to WikiHow, but people don’t really get excited to read WikiHow articles.

A lot of people think that they have to sacrifice personality for professionalism. They’re reluctant to present themselves as they really are because they think it’s not professional enough. I’m here to say that you can have both, and you SHOULD have both.

The way to combine personality and professionalism perfectly together is with branding. You basically take YOUR identity and present it consistently to other people.

There are two ways you can present your identity -- and I recommend combining both ways to really create a brand that stands out.

1. Visually brand your portfolio.

Visual branding is basically about the visual details that people can see, like colours, typography, patterns and illustrations.

The simplest but most effective step you can take for this one is to just choose 1-2 colours that best reflect your personality and use them consistently in your portfolio.

Don't underestimate the power of colours. Just look at Tiffany & Co -- it has a whole colour called “Tiffany Blue” trademarked for itself!

2. Infuse your portfolio with your quirks.

A friend said that she recognized me from behind from the way I walk. While I still feel slightly paranoid (do I walk funny?), it is my quirk and part of my “brand”.

Your quirk can come from any aspect of your personality. Ask a friend or family member about what makes you distinctive.

Maybe they’d say, Hey yourname, you’re such a sunny person. I’ve never met someone who could cheer me up like you do. Then that’s what you gotta show in your portfolio!

 There’s no standard way to show a quirk. Just keep expressing that part of yourself that's unique and "quirky", and eventually you’ll find several things you can do to keep your portfolio uniquely yours. The kind of unique that no one can copy!

Personality + Professionalism = An A+ Portfolio

Remember, you don't need to be this whole new person to have an A+ portfolio. Just keep being yourself, but try to show off the BEST parts of you. You feelin' me? 😉

Now go out there and rock your portfolio!

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