I'm just going to dive right into the important stuff here:

You're not going to be remembered if there's nothing to remember you by.

There must be something that connects your brand to people's memories. A TRIGGER of some sort. When they see the trigger, they remember you.

The easiest and most cost-effective trigger? Colours.

I'm going to show you a picture.


The logo looks like McDonald's logo, so it must be McDonald's. No? Why not?

Aha, the colours are all wrong. But how do you know they're wrong?

They're wrong because McDonald's have been using the same RED and YELLOW colours for the past 60++ years.

And you know this not because it's part of the constitutional law or even constant announcements made by McDonald's. You know this because you've been consistently seeing McDonald's using the same colours. From when you were a toddler until now.

So how do you get people to remember your colours?

It's simple. Just get in the habit of using your colours REPEATEDLY.

Choose 2 colours and use them for everything. Every single thing that comes from your brand. Props, packaging, posters, Instagram posts... Everything!

When you get down to it, consistency is just about having good habits. When you do something often enough, it becomes a part of you. It becomes part of your identity.

So getting people to remember your brand can be as easy as you cultivating the good habit of using the same colours.

In time, people will associate those colours with your brand. Everytime they see those colours, they'll instantly recognize your brand.

WARNING: This strategy only works if you're consistently using the SAME colours! If you chose blue and yellow, you'll have to stick to those colours before people can start remembering you.

But that doesn't mean that you absolutely can't use other colours. Just make sure that you're prioritizing blue and yellow when promoting your brand.

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