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The Real Reason Why We Want to Be A Blogger, Vlogger, or Social Media Influencer


Being a blogger is not a traditional career path. You don't find 8-year-old or 9-year-old kids saying that they want to be a blogger (though my 9 year old brother DID say he wanted to vlog)

What we want is not actually the "blogger" title. What we want is the Dream Life, where you get to:

  • Do stuff you actually LOVE (where you have so much energy for)
  • Do crazy fun stuff
  • Be paid to do crazy fun stuff
  • Travel to nice places
  • Travel to nice places and talk about them and get paid some more
  • Receive free stuff from brands we drool over
  • Receive free stuff from brands we drool over and get paid to talk about them
  • Be all cool and fancy by collaborating with brands we drool over
  • Use creativity in our 'jobs' and not feel like a corporate zombie.

And you can really apply this Dream Life goal to being a vlogger or social media influencer. (Vlogging + social media are types of marketing, just like blogging)

You want to be a blogger / vlogger / influencer because those people that you follow get to live the Dream Life.

Wanna know my dream situation? I wanna have a nice white office with wooden / bronze-y furniture, a big ass desktop and all the office supplies I could ever want (in my favourite colours). AKA a nice work environment.

I want to be able to take my laptop, go to my favourite cafe (It's Franco @ Nu Sentral, btw) and alternate work and reading good books while having desserts. AKA work-life balance.

I want to be able to take a break and travel to places like Japan and Morocco, soak in all the sights and experiences, and come home with tons of ideas. AKA the freedom to set my own schedule.

So I don't specifically want to be a blogger. My blog is a means to achieving my Dream Life.

I want to collaborate with Post-it (yes, I really do). But does Post-it want to collaborate with ME?

Do they want to be associated with ME and MY blog? Will my blog (the look, the writing, the kind of content) accurately reflect their brand?

Post-it can't give their stuff to every single person who loves them. They have to think if they want to be associated with that person first.

Just like a corporation that doesn't want to be associated with a corrupt or publically offensive person. Brands have an IMAGE to preserve.

So what I'm saying is:

  • If having a great blog is a path to collaborating with Post-it;
  • Then having great design is a path to having a great blog.

Great design is not the ONLY path -- you've got to have a great blogging voice and content -- but it's the thing people SEE. It's kind of an instant make-or-break moment.

So you don't learn graphic design for the sake of graphic design, you learn for the sake of your blog.

Easy graphic design is really a skill worth investing in. Even if you choose to learn it from someone else (and not me), you WILL discover that it gives you a great confidence boost as a blogger.

And when you get your momentum as a blogger, you can do so many things that you're passionate for. You'll be thinking I'M ON FIYYAHHHH every single day.

What's your Dream Life? (Tell me, I'd love to know. Maybe you like Post-its too?)

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