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3 Ways to Turn Your Hobby Into A Business


Do you have a hobby and you go, wouldn’t it be nice to make money from this so that I don’t have to work my dayjob anymore?

I’ve read so many stories about successful entrepreneurs who said that they started out ‘for fun’ and it eventually snowballed into a five-figure, six-figure business.

And of course, that got me all inspired to start my own business. In fact, my first business did start from a hobby (hand-lettering), but as far as I know, I’m not a millionaire. (Yet.)

All jokes aside though, today’s newsletter is about figuring out how to JUMP into a business that’s based on something you love doing. I’ve got three ways you can approach this!


1) Help other people to get into the same hobby.

One of my aunts love quilling. At first I was like, quilling as in making quills? What the heck IS quilling??

Turns out quilling is the art of rolling paper and putting them together to make decorative designs.

She bought a quilling ‘starter kit’ from another ‘quiller’ (not sure if that’s what they’re called) that has a few tools and strips of coloured paper.

Which is pretty neat! My aunt could learn from Youtube videos, but getting the tools themselves wasn’t so easy. It was great that she didn’t have to hunt down the tools herself before she could get started.

So let's say that your hobby is something that requires tools or special components. Why not sell those tools that could help other people who would also want to get into the hobby?

You can:

  1. Make the tools or components yourself.
  2. Put together your own 'starter kit’ filled with recommended brands so that people could start out with quality stuff.
  3. Import hard-to-get stuff and resell them.

2) Teach people the basics of the hobby.

If your hobby is the kind of hobby that requires a level of skill, you can also teach people that skill so that people can enjoy the hobby more.

For example, painting. If you can teach people how to paint basic flower shapes, they're going to enjoy painting a whole lot more!

Case in point: me. I don’t know anything about watercolour painting. So every time after a ‘painting session’, I end up feeling totally gloomy because the end result is complete crap.

Nobody enjoys an activity where they totally suck at it. LOL.

So what can you do is maybe plan a class or workshop where people can actually accomplish something small but concrete. You don’t have to turn them into Picassos.

Just give them the confidence to start that hobby!


3) Apply your hobby in another context.

Your hobby in itself may not be something that you can make money from. For example, if you like origami, people might not line up just to buy your paper cranes.

But if you can apply your hobby into another context or situation, there’s money-making potential!

Using the origami example, you can make origami flower bouquets that can be used to decorate all the guest tables at a kenduri. So in a way, you’re personalizing your origami hobby to fit the market.


Anyway, I'm not saying ALL hobbies can be turned into a business. There's probably a small percentage of hobbies that aren’t aligned with any kind of market.

BUT, unless you have a really unique, totally niche, what-the-heck-is-that hobby, you could definitely explore how you can turn something you already love doing into a business. Who knows, maybe you could eventually do it full-time. :)

What’s your hobby and how do you think it can be turned into a business? Let me know by commenting!