What happens when your favourite industry gets overcrowded and everybody starts doing the same thing?

People start getting desperate to stand out and be different. Blog posts get more controversial and videos start trying a leeettle too hard to be funny.

Now, I like to watch make up videos like any of us do. And one of the examples that I always see, especially on Instagram, is people applying make up using household / everyday objects.

Forks? Spoons? Bra inserts? What's next?

It's not that I'm such a stinking party pooper that I don't appreciate a little humour or innovation. But it kinda seemed like they were trying to compete on who gets to be the most outrageous. Who gets to be the most viral.

True fulfillment comes when we add VALUE into people's lives. What we do actually matters to people who are passionate about the same things or people who need help.

"True fulfillment comes when we add VALUE into people's lives."

True fulfillment DOESN'T come from making people chuckle for 5 seconds and then being forgotten right after. Because ultimately, the goal is to have an awesome brand and to make a living from that brand!

What makes me facepalm is the fact that these people -- who are trying so hard to be outrageous and "funny" -- can add their own unique value into people's lives.

It's just that they haven't properly looked into themselves to see what their value is. They looked at other people instead.

Here are 2 ways you can rethink how you want to start your own unique brand that's based on YOUR STRENGTHS, without trying too hard to be funny and outrageous.

1) Choose a different role in the same industry.

Let's say that you're passionate about fashion. Instead of aiming to be a fashion designer right from the very start, can you choose a different role that's still related to fashion?


It seems like every other woman has/planning to have her own tudung/blouse/palazzo/jubah/dress line. So if you want to dive into that, you'll be dealing with so many competitors. And when there are many competitors, you'll end up having to differentiate yourself from ALL of them.

Solution: Choose a different role in the same industry with less competitors.


Instead of starting* as a fashion designer, you can choose to be a:

+ Stylist. If you have a knack of putting together smashing looks, you can become known as the person who makes others look good.

+ Modelling coach. If you have experience modelling for your friends' or acquaintances' shawl brand, you can share tips on how to be a good hijabi model.

* I'm not saying you can't ever be a fashion designer. I'm saying, "Is there a more strategic role that you can START your brand with?".

2) Be a specialist in a very specific area in the same industry.

Let's say that you're someone who's interested in interior design. Instead of being just a general sort of interior designer (which can mean many sort of interiors), can you choose to specialize in a very specific interior?


The more specialized you are, the more interesting you sound to people. Don't think of it as limiting yourself. It's more that you're making yourself an EXPERT in something. And experts get paid more.


Maybe you can be an interior designer who specializes in...

+ Cafes. We all know that for a cafe to truly make it big, it needs to be Instagram-worthy. You can be the person who gets called in to help cafe owners make their cafes a great place to chill in.

+ Daycare centres. If you're a kid at heart, maybe you'll enjoy making daycare centres an enjoyable and comforting part of kids' lives.

The whole point of these two ways is to find something related to your passion that you enjoy and takes advantage of your own strengths.

Maybe all you need is to just shift yourself a little bit so that you'll see the answer that you haven't thought of before.

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