My Top 3 Blogging Tools

That every blogger can't blog without


Blogging Platform

I know a lot of people use Blogger, WordPress or even Tumblr, but I decided on Squarespace for this blog. And let me tell you, I've never regretted my choice! It looks great on desktop AND mobile, it's easy to use, and even if you don't know anything about blog design, it's practically impossible for your blog to be ugly on it. 😉 I pay $12 or approximately RM50 per month for this website & blog that you're on right now.


Domain Name

You can stick to the free URL that your blogging platform gives you like, but I highly recommend getting your own domain name to look more professional. I bought my domain name for approximately RM60 per year from iCore Technology, a reliable Malaysian company. (I've bought 3 domain names with them and the service is great!) Your domain has to be renewed annually.


Graphic Design

You do NOT need Photoshop for your blog. It's hard and time-consuming to learn, and like I said, you don't really need it. You can do easy but IMPRESSIVE graphic design over on Canva. It's a web-based design tool that lets you design blog post headers, Instagram posts and even menus right on your browser. And the best part is -- it's FREE! There's a paid option for more features, but the free one is already so dang fine. 👌🏻

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All are tools I highly, highly recommend. They make the process of blogging so much more organized and manageable. If you want the list, enter your email address and I'll send it over to you!

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