Build your own luxury brand with strategies from Malaysia's coolest hijab brand.

That's selling hijabs for at least RM120 apiece.

I get it -- we're just regular people who want to build a brand we're proud of. A luxury brand that people love. But we're not sure if we have the capacity to build that kind of brand in the first place.

So we settle with creating a brand that people don't really notice, don't really remember, and don't really make much money. Should we really be satisfied with this?

Let me tell you something: The biggest misconception about branding is that you can only launch luxury brands if/when you're rich and famous. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS MYTH.

The strategies in the 10 Branding Strategies from dUCk scarves E-Course will show you that building luxury brands is what you DO with your brand, not HOW MUCH MONEY you throw at it.

Recalibrate your mindset. Luxury brands begin with the founders of the brand, not with their money. You can do this.

Full list of all the (FREE) strategies you'll get in your inbox:

Strategy #1: Sell a better version of people.

Strategy #2: Find your unique angle to stand out.

Strategy #3: Focus on only one (type of) product first.

Strategy #4: Make your packaging as good as your product.

Bonus strategy: Like Vivy Yusof, market yourself through blogging.

Strategy #5: Charge premium prices to be a premium brand.

Strategy #6: Use social proof to level up your reputation.

Strategy #7: Play hard-to-get to drive up demand.

Strategy #8: Establish professional systems for sales.

Strategy #9: Own up to your brand.

Strategy #10: Be consistent in every brand aspect.

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