If people want to know more about you, they search you up online.

Before the times of the Internet, when people want to know what you're like, they either had to a) meet up with you or b) listen to other people's stories.

But now, they only need to Google your name and they'll find information in like, 1 second. Or 2 seconds. (Depending on how fast their Internet connection is 😉)

They'll find your Facebook account. Your Twitter account. Your Instagram profile. That Google+ profile you had to make if you wanted to connect your Google account with Youtube.

What kind of first impression will they get from your accounts and profiles?


"Wait, why should I care about people's first impression of me?"

The people who are searching for you online could be your....

  • Potential clients
  • Future bosses
  • Possible professional- or business-related partners.

Basically, the kind of people you WANT to impress.

And you want these people to be impressed with you (or LIKE you) so that you get more opportunities.

  • Maybe you'll get emails from clients who want to hire you to do something you love or are good at.
  • Maybe you'll get an unexpected offer for a really cool job that you've always dreamed about.
  • Maybe you'll be invited to work with your favourite brands and collaborate with them creatively.

When these people are impressed with you or like you, they'll CONTACT you. They'll take the first step.

Let me tell you what happened when I started *seriously* thinking about people's first (online) impressions of me.

I started getting clients.

When I made the effort to brand myself, I started getting emails from people (strangers) who wanted to hire me for design work. And over the next few years, I was able to freelance as a graphic designer while studying for my law degree.

I also got an invite to a job interview as a graphic designer -- eventhough I didn't have any qualifications as a designer! The recruiter found me by looking at my old online portfolio.

It's not so crazy, if you think about it. These people could only find me online, so I made sure that my online identity was on-point. I basically branded myself!


What are potential clients / bosses / business partners looking for?

These people are looking for someone they can TRUST. The trust is necessary in two parts:

  1. They want to trust that you're a real person, not some scam. If a client wants to pay you to do something for her, she needs to know that you're not just gonna run off with her money.
  2. They want to trust that you're the right person for the "job". If a company wants to hire you, they need to know from the very beginning that you have the necessary expertise or experience or even personality!

Yes, if they really want to know, they can just ask you. But to make them WANT to ask you, you need to be someone they can trust.

Impress them from the very beginning so that they'll actually bother to send you an email! (Or a WhatsApp message)

These are the things that I'll be talking about in my Brand Me Up! email course.


Does your online identity need a little makeover?

I'm not talking about a big makeover where you have to delete all your accounts and start fresh. Nope.

The Brand Me Up! email course focuses on quick but effective tweaks that you can make to your current accounts and profiles for that great first impression.

We'll go through simple branding steps that you can do yourself without hiring a designer or buying things.

What potential clients and future bosses will see is the BEST and most KICK-ASS version of you!


An email course is basically a series of lessons that's delivered via email.

When you sign up for the Brand Me Up! email course, you'll receive each lesson right in your inbox without having to leave your Mail app.


You won't get anything like the Brand Me Up! email course anywhere else.

This is NOT going to be like one of those articles teaching you how to make yourself viral or how to make money online or anything like that! So it's not for everyone.

This email course is for people who are ready to look at themselves from the PERSPECTIVE of a client, an employer or a business partner and gain their trust.

Trust is the most important commodity, especially in the online world.

This course is for you if you're ready to leave all the shady make-money-online advice and start branding your best asset: your online identity.


Hello there, I'm Aina!

I'm passionate about blogging and personal branding, and I think that it's never too early to start working on our dreams -- even if we can just do a little bit every day.

Ever since I started getting serious about my online identity, I've had potential employers contact me for a job interview, receive emails from potential clients who wanted to pay me, and had total strangers purchase my first product.

So YES -- branding my online identity was the best step I've made as a blogger and freelancer!