Build your online presence with a 30-day plan.

Have you been too quiet on social media?

You want to start building an online presence — your brand — but you’re not sure where to start.

What you have in mind seems like it would fall short.

Start with a 30-day plan.

Your brand is still a baby with a pacifier in hand.

You want to get started on something, you have a general idea on what to do, but it’s not complete enough.

Maybe you have a blog you want to revive.

A product you’d like to launch.

In the meantime — what are you doing? Let the crickets sing until you’re finally ready to post something?

Why 30-days?

Generate enough momentum.

Stop talking about YOU — that’s not what the people want.

What you have to do

Submit 20 of your own photos

RM100 for a plan without the writing