In the Sale, Sale, Sale newsletter, we had a general look at scarcity and trust. In this email, we're going to probe deeper into how we can use trust to attract customers without lowering prices. 

Trust is the most important thing any business could hope to get from any transaction. Trusting customers come back to buy more products from you. It's far easier to sell to a returning customer than to convince a new one to buy. 

How do you get customers to trust you?

You have a loyal fanbase when you have a lot of these returning customers.
Building trust requires a dedicated effort in doing things like:

  • Forging personal connections with customers. You know most (or at least some of them) by name.
  • Delivering on your promises. Your products arrive on the customers' doorsteps in tip-top condition.
  • Being transparent about your mistakes. You straight up admit to your mistakes and make things right.
  • Providing consistent customer service. You do your best every single time, even when you're busy!

But those are trust earned when customers are already buying from you. How do you get POTENTIAL customers to say, "Hey, I'll try out this new brand!"?

Your brand has to look trustworthy.

Brands are judged by appearances. It's an undeniable fact and you should always keep in this mind.

It's natural to be attracted to beautiful things. It's equally natural to be repulsed or reluctant about less-than-attractive things. Which brings us to the first step in using trust to attract customers.

1. You shouldn't: Sacrifice professionalism to score likes.

In this day and age, the bar is set high for businesses. Your business is EXPECTED to look great. It's not a question of choice -- good design is professionalism. I talked about this in the 5 Important Design Facts You Need to Know For Your Business.

Just like you would wear your best clothes to a job interview, brands have to always look their best because they are continuously assessed by customers. Your brand's Instagram profile could be thoroughly vetted down to the very first photo.

So it's tempting to be fun and trendy when posting on social media. You want to build rapport with your followers, so it would be good to post stuff like this right?

 It's funny! And it's a sentiment the followers would appreciate. They'd like it that you're just the same as them.

No, you can't post stuff like this.

It doesn't matter that those kind of photos get you likes. It doesn't matter that your followers comment on those photos agreeing with the sentiment.

It just doesn't look professional. You're funny to your existing followers, but you don't look serious to potential ones.

Even if a photo or image is funny, it doesn't mean that it's right for your brand.

It's important to remember that one photo in your profile is not just a photo. You have to view it from the eyes of a stranger who just clicked on your profile. What will they see? What will be their overall impression?

Will they see photos that convey a brand image that appeals to them? Or will they see photos like the one above? It isn't visually attractive, and it won't add any lasting value to your brand.

If you don't look professional, you don't look trustworthy. If you don't look trustworthy, potential customers will walk away. Even if your products are amazing, they'll be scared to give you a try because you don't look like a legitimate brand. 

Your followers won't miss those funny photos. They don't have any value. Don't feed them valueless things.

If you find it difficult to post interesting things on your social media platforms, then you're better off not posting as frequently than to post things that don't look professional. Take a break from social media to create versatile and interesting content and then come back with quality.