The worst thing you can do to yourself (and your business) is to adopt what successful people/brands are doing 100%.

Let me clarify that further: It's good to learn from successful people. It's bad to use strategies that are not meant for beginners.

Those successful people/brands are not beginners. They're playing by different rules.

Because they started earlier than you, they are past the problems you're facing right now. Your struggles are not the same, so it follows that the solutions aren't the same too.

The best example I can give is overpersonalizing your social media content or focusing too much on yourself (instead of on your customers)

Let's say you admire Person A. She has a large following on social media (5K-10K and above) and runs a successful business. Her social media has a lot of personal content -- she posts about her cats, what she's eating for dinner, any random thing.

You think to yourself, OK, I can do that too. She's doing it and she's successful, so it must be OK for me to do that. I can mix my personal and business stuff on social media. It'll work the same way. Right?

The slightly harsh truth is no.

It doesn't work like that. Here's why:

  • She already has a stable and loyal following. These people have been following her since her early days. They're familiar with and like her personality, so her personal life is relevant to them. (Like it would to a friend)
  • She has a reputation of being interesting. This basically means that her personality shines through anything she posts, because she's had time to practice. This reputation is what attracts new followers.

You can bet that nobody on social media was interested in her as a person in the beginning. She didn't get wildly popular overnight.

What you should learn from her is how she grew her audience. What made more and more people start to follow her? What started the growth and how can you replicate it?

Don't study what she's doing now. Study what she's doing then. If you can, try to strike a conversation and pick her brain. If that's not possible, time to put those stalking skills to good use. ;) And come up with a plan so that you can have the same growth too.