There will be people who will tell you to be realistic and not make unrealistic plans.

There will be well-meaning loved ones who will tell you that a secure, well-paying day job is the most important thing in your adulthood.

I will tell you that they are right, and they are wrong.

They are right because a day job is important in this economy. The money that comes from your day job will help sustain your business and prevent you from taking shortcuts just to make profits. Those shortcuts that sound so good right now will ruin your brand in the long run (and we definitely don't want that).

They are wrong because a well-planned business that is based on your passion can sustain a comfortable living and make you excited to work every single day.

But to get to that point, commit to gradual changes that will make your passion profitable enough to replace your day job.

You don't have to jump into your passion right away. But you don't have to give it up either.

Here's a few basic but important steps:

  1. Save money that you earn from your day job to invest in your passion. Use it for branding, tools, knowledge and helping hands. All this will ensure that your brand is a premium brand.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone and do things you won't normally do. Whether it's networking, learning how to do accounting, or knowing how to close sales -- you have to do it. No one else will do it for you.
  3. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, be flexible instead. It's normal to have your heart set on one thing and put all your hopes on it. It's wise to have multiple sources of income so that your business won't fail when one thing goes wrong.

This third point brings us to my most recent article on Narrativity & Co: 15 Ways to Make Money From Your Passion.

I wrote the article because I wanted to share with you the infinite possibilities of turning your passion into a business.

If you love photography, you don't only have to take photos of events.

If you love baking, you don't only have to bake cakes for people.

If you love fashion, you don't only have to design clothes. 

You can do all those things, and MORE. What I recommend is for you to start daydreaming, be outrageously optimistic with your goals, and then start making realistic plans. Be both a dreamer and a doer. ;)