I know you have something you hold precious. A website, a blog, your portfolio, your brand, your product. 

You think, no, you KNOW it has value. You want to share this value with people. So the first thing you want to do is to catch their attention. 


Catching people's attention

Catching their attention means making them notice you. And it's actually pretty easy on social media. All social media platforms are hugely visual, so what you need is to have great photos/videos. If you focus on things that make a photo/video look great, like lighting and composition, being noticed isn't impossible.

Visual branding comes to play here. It makes people trust you on sight. You don't look fishy.

Catching people's attention isn't impossible. People are highly visual beings, so if you have great visuals, you're doing good.

But how do you keep them interested after they click the follow button? You're already in their line of sight... So now what? 


Keeping their interest

It's not enough to be noticed. You don't want them to notice you in one minute and forget about you until next month or next two months, or until the end of the year. 

It may seem like I'm exaggerating, but let's look at this for a while. There's (nearly) no limit to how many people you can follow. It doesn't cost anything to follow another person on social media. People follow and unfollow on a daily basis.

So when you're on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and Youtube, there are a lot of posts that you've scrolled past. Some you remember, most you forget. Guess what? The forgotten ones have failed to keep your interest.

There's a lot of noise on social media. Having great visuals alone won't be enough to keep your audience interested.

You may have noticed them once upon a time (when you clicked the follow button), but they're not in your mind now. Out of sight, out of mind. This is a business owner's / blogger's / entrepreneur's worst nightmare.


Get people to care for you

What you want is to be remembered. You want people to keep coming to your profile / blog / website / portfolio on a regular basis. You want them to become 'fans' and 'friends'. They care for you instead of thinking of you as just another "shop".

To get them to care for you, you have to care about them first. This is the core of content marketing. You provide content that is useful and helpful and solves their problems, and they will come to you regularly. You'll get to keep their interest.

And once you do, you can share with them about your products / services. They'll listen to you, because c'mon, you're already friends. This is a much better prospect than trying to pitch your product / service to a bunch of people who simply don't care.