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18: More Trust, More Sales. (Part 2)


We discussed about projecting trustworthiness to get customers to take a chance on you in the last email.

In summary, going through your social media profiles as if you're a total stranger and potential customer will help you see what needs to change. You have to impress both existing customers and potential customers. 

We have to remove any hesitation to buy on the their part. Remove the barrier that is standing between the customers and your amazing product. What's another way you can remove the customer's hesitation?

2. You should: include your customers in your narrative.

Have you ever talked with someone, and you don't feel good coming out of that conversation?

  • They didn't express any interest in you.
  • They kept talking about themselves and how good they are.
  • It felt more like a monologue than a dialogue.
  • They weren't properly listening to what you have to say.

This could be happening to any brand. How the brand tells its story (aka the narrative) must take into consideration how the listener feels.

But what usually happens is that there is no trust because there is no actual conversation between the brand and the customer. The brand only makes announcements and speeches on various marketing channels. (Properly written as they may be)

In Crafting A Compelling Brand Story, I mentioned that the brand story creates emotional glue between your brand and customers. They become loyal to you because of the brand story.

The brand story only becomes emotional glue when it's relatable.

The story has to be crafted in a way that allows customers to step into the brand's shoes, or are inspired to do so. If they think that the story is nice, but can't relate to it, then they won't buy.

Let's look at Adidas again. On its website, they listed these values as part of their brand:

  • Authentic
  • Passionate
  • Innovative
  • Inspirational
  • Committed
  • Honest

They successfully weaved these values into their their marketing strategies. Adidas' mission is to be the leading sports brand in the world, but if you look at its Youtube channel again, are there lots of videos about shoes or their other products?

NO! Eventhough they're selling those products, they constantly focus on the story as told by the various athletes they collaborate with. Because the story is telling customers that "this could be you". 

"You're a passionate and committed athlete too." 

And because a lot of people identify with these values, Adidas' products fit perfectly in their lives. They're inspired, they want to be a great athlete, so they take action. And Adidas' products are helping them take action.

That's what you should do. In your brand story, don't focus too much on your products. If you keep talking about your products and their 1001 benefits, it can get annoying pretty fast.

Focus instead on your brand values and how they relate to your customers. Sell them on your brand values first. Once they're in love with your brand, they will commit. And they will always buy. 

- Aina Ismail