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31: Sell A Better Version Of People


People have a deep-seated desire to improve. It doesn't matter about what. It could be related to:

  • education
  • physical appearance
  • self-confidence
  • job performance

What great brands understand is that the things people buy are connected to this desire to improve. People buy things so that they can be better. Brands have to appeal to the people's sense of self. 

When you see advertisements for these brands, they don't make the actors talk all about the details of the products. They focus on the better version or future of the customers. The message that the customers receive is that by buying the product, they will be a better mother, employee, partner, daughter, member of the society.  

For example, the Moleskine brand is great at making people feel cultured. Their angle is that they enable people to soak up culture when they travel or commute, which will translate into great writings or works of art. It's just a notebook, but that notebook makes people feel like legitimate artists/thinkers. 


Is your product better than other people's?

Have you ever looked at a product and was appalled by the quality? It's not that it's really bad, but the price it's fetching is not proportionate to the quality. You're thinking that you could sell something so much better with higher value. 

This is how most businesses start. You see a problem with the current market and you try to seize the golden opportunity of solving that problem. You then become disillusioned when potential customers are still going to your competitors when your product is so much better. It doesn't feel fair. It feels like the customers are choosing wrongly.


No marketing, no customer

But here's the thing: a great product will not market itself. It's not the customers' fault for not choosing you. When your brand presence is on the internet, there's no such thing as "a great product should speak for itself". You have to do the marketing. What your competitors are doing better is making the customers feel good about buying their products. 

So for your great product to have the success it deserves, you have to connect your product to the customers' desire to improve. Make the connection and show it to them. This is your angle. Make sure it's really, really clear because they don't have time to ponder about your products. You have to hook them as soon as they click on your profile.  

Marketing is the art of persuasion. When you're trying to persuade someone, you don't talk about what's in it for you. You tell them how they will benefit. When they're persuaded, they will buy. That's how you do marketing.