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23: You Don't Need Your Family's Approval.


You don't need your family's approval when you brand your business.

Or your friends'. There's no need for them to say 'yes' before you say 'yes'.

Every time you have to make a decision -- be it about branding, financing or anything else, really -- the decision is yours alone.

By asking for your family and friends' approval, you're essentially asking them to take responsibility for the decision.

But if the decision turns out to be wrong, the blame isn't exactly shared, is it? No one cares if it's your sister who told you to choose that course of action, because it's your business.

And they'd be right! Who is the most invested in making the business work? No one should care more about the business than the owner.


If it's your business, you have to call the shots.

And that is why as the owner, you should have the final say in everything. Ask for feedback from your friends and family, but you have to decide. You're the leader.

I get that it can be paralyzingly scary. There's pressure to get it right every time you make a decision.

I feel this pressure too, from choosing a newsletter topic to deciding what image to upload on Instagram to buying a software. I'm not always 'on point'.

But that's business for you. It's okay to not always be right. It may sound super corny, but you can learn from your mistakes because you made them yourself.


How do we learn from our mistakes? We retrace our steps and thought processes. We look for patterns and inconsistencies. Then we know what we should have done differently.

Imagine if you're always getting approval from Relative A, Friend B, Colleague C, Sister D. It'll be extremely difficult to determine how exactly they came to their conclusions.

And the decision often ends up becoming a Frankenstein's Monster, because it's the pieces of everyone's opinion sewn together. Your decisions become not streamlined and not consistent.

Remember, it's impossible to please everyone anyway. Don't let your brand become a jumbled mess of contradictions. Ask for feedback, but own your decisions.

You will always make mistakes, but you can choose not to repeat your mistakes. Trust me, you'll be excited with your own growth.