Your blog is where your brand starts.

A blog is the perfect place for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur, their own boss to start unfolding their wings.



The Starter Branding Kit for Bloggers --RM27

Want to start a blog that's interesting to read and is really, uniquely YOU?

Or want to revamp your current blog so that it's more fun and in tune with your goals and personality?

This Starter Branding Kit is a 60++ page step-by-step guide that helps you:

  • figure out how famous bloggers transition into successful entrepreneurs
  • create a blogger personality that becomes the basis of your blog
  • choose the right blog categories and blog topics that people want to actually read about
  • write in a way that's natural and absolutely NOT awkward -- without having to force yourself to be funny
  • design a beautiful blog that looks like it's made exactly for you.

Your blog is the perfect place to start your own brand on.

Everything on your blog -- your blog topics, the way you write and how your blog looks -- has to help you achieve one thing:

Your own brand that's based on something you love.

A lot of bloggers get to become successful entrepreneurs because their blog helped them gain potential customers and an EXPERT status in their chosen industry.

Would you buy clothes from someone who's not fashionable? Or would you hire someone who's not fit as your fitness instructor?

So everything on your blog has to be branded. You can't blog aimlessly.


What's included in the Starter Branding Kit?

Chapter 1: The golden rules in creating your own unique brand & blog

  • Brand yourself now & don't wait until you have a business!
  • Personalize everything on your blog with your blogger personality
  • Your branding needs to be consistent for it to work

Chapter 2: Creating an original blogger personality that makes you different from other bloggers

  • Your blogger personality vs. your existing personality
  • The 3-step formula for creating an original blogger personality
  • Why and where to use your blogger personality

Chapter 3: Writing blog posts that people will binge-read!

  • Hold up, you don't need 5-6 blog categories!
  • Focus on only 1-2 blog categories to gain attention quicker
  • The kind of blog post schedule that will give you results faster
  • 4 tips when choosing your blog categories
  • How to not blog boring
  • Add a personal twist to your blog topics to be un-boring

Chapter 4: Finding your unique blogging "voice" (AKA writing style)

  • You don't have to be a good writer to be a great blogger
  • How to record yourself talking and why it helps you write better blog posts
  • 4 things that help translate your "voice" into written form
  • How to edit awkwardness out of your blog posts

Chapter 5: Designing your blog to match your aesthetic

  • How to create an inspiration board to find your aesthetic
  • How to choose your brand elements
  • Won't a nice template be less of a hassle?
  • Where to use your brand elements for a complete branded experience

Here's what a customer says:

"I spent the entire evening reading Starter Branding Kit for Bloggers + jotting down important points and answering your prompts. I love how you put things into perspective. It really pushed me to think deeper about myself and what I want to share with the world and how to execute it."

- Nurul, Notebook And I


Brand yourself and your blog -- in ONE weekend.

Every chapter comes with checklists, templates and worksheets in order to guide you through the branding process. Nothing is time-consuming and complicated.

By Sunday, your blog will be ready and you'll be able to publish your first blog post with confidence.

How to purchase

Note: The Starter Branding Kit is a digital product, which means that you'll be receiving it in PDF file.

Your purchase will be processed within 12 hours from your payment. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or DM / @ me on Instagram.