Stop writing crappy blog posts and start writing awesome ones instead.

You've hit a wall. Your blog posts feel low-quality. You know you have so much value / knowledge / interesting-ness to offer as a blogger, but all those good things aren't coming across when you blog. You know you can do so much better than this.

It's time to Un-Crapify Your Blog Posts


High-quality blog posts = popular blog

To make your blog popular, you need to be consistently writing blog posts that people ENJOY and VALUE.

If you feel like you're writing crappy, low-quality stuff that you yourself know aren't good enough for your readers, it's probably because:

  • Your posts don't have enough details or information to be interesting.

  • Your posts give people eye hemorrhages because they're so hard to read.

  • Your posts are so bland and generic that they could belong in WikiHow. (No offense, WikiHow)

  • Your posts are just the same as everybody else's, even if you actually wanted to do a "fresh perspective" on the topics.

It's not enough to ramble on and on for a few paragraphs and call it a "blog post". Ramblings may been fine in 2006. (Back then, everybody had a blog and published their "musings")

But right now in 2018, having a blog doesn't automatically mean you'll have readers. People have so many other things to occupy their time with. If your blog posts are crappy, they'll just go, "Meh" and exit your blog, never to return.

What you can do is take a few extra steps to make your blog posts enjoyable and valuable to people.


A high-quality blog post is enjoyable and valuable

Every time you're about to publish a blog post, ask yourself these questions:

  • If I was the reader, would I actually enjoy this blog post and share it with a friend?

  • If I was the reader, would I actually think that this blog post is valuable and bookmark it for future reference?

If you can't objectively say yes to either of these questions, pal, you can do so much better.

It's incredibly EASY and uncomplicated to make your blog posts enjoyable and add value to them. And before you ask, it has NOTHING to do with polishing up your English.

  • You don't need to use bombastic, long words with complicated spelling.

  • You don't need to write poetry. (If your blog isn't about poetry)

  • You don't need to write 10 km-long sentences. Short sentences are fine. Really.

  • You don't need to write paragraphs with 10 sentences each. This isn't high school.

  • But basic punctuation and not writing LiKe Di$ are important. But I'm sure you already got those figured out.

Your English doesn't have to be perfect. Crappy blog posts will STILL be crappy even if the English is grammar-perfect.

What you need are 5 simple lessons that will transform your crappy blog posts into masterpieces you'll be proud to promote. Feel free to use them to revamp your existing blog posts or to use them as guidelines for future blog posts.


5 Un-Crapify Lessons to make it love at first read

In the Un-Crapify Your Blog Posts mini bootcamp, you'll get 5 lessons that will help you produce consistently high-quality blog posts even if you're still kinda new to blogging or can't blog full-time.

Any of the lessons can be applied on its own or you can combine them together into one blog post.

What will you learn?

  1. How to make each blog post extra useful to your readers without fail

  2. How to write original blog posts that don't imitate other people's

  3. How to use your own personal uniqueness to make your blog posts interesting to read

  4. How to read people's minds and blog about the exact things that they want to read

  5. And plenty more!

How will you learn?

  • Each day for 5 days, you'll receive a lesson right in your inbox.

  • You don't have to go to a specific website to learn. Just open up your Mail app and click on the emails!

  • And you'll have forever-access to the lessons because they will always be in your inbox.


"Thank you for the refreshing first post for the bootcamp! I definitely agree that your tips work. When I started writing and sharing about my experiences on my tough study journey and gave out tips, people were really into it because I was being nice AND helpful."

- Farhana Zain, Stumbled Upon Serendipity


The Un-Crapify Your Blog Posts mini bootcamp

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Who am I and why do I say "crappy" a lot?


Hey, I'm Aina, and I'm not saying that your blog posts are crappy to give you a hard time.

You're here because you're not satisfied with the way you're blogging and you want to do BETTER. And you really can.

I've been writing more than 200,000 words for blog posts and newsletters since mid 2015, and over time I've accumulated these 5 lessons to make blog-writing (or any kind of writing) enjoyable and valuable.


Join the bootcamp now and start writing blog posts that will blow minds.

The Un-Crapify Your Blog Posts mini bootcamp

Join the bootcamp for FREE and start making your blog posts BETTER than ever.

Totally not spam and totally FREE. Unsubscribe at any time if you don't like the lessons.